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  • My Filming Equipment | Lucia Turok

    My Filming Equipment | Lucia Turok

    To create my videos and content I am currently using the following equipment:

    BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro

    Sigma 14-24mm F2.8 DG HSM Art Lens for SA

    RØDE Wireless GO Compact Wireless Microphone System ,WIGO

    RØDE VideoMic Pro+ Compact Directional On-camera Microphone

    DJI RS 2 Pro Combo – 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

    Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II Digital Camera Camera

    iPhone 13 Pro Max 512 GB Graphite

    GoPro HERO10 Black

    DJI Osmo Mobile 3 – Foldable Mobile Gimbal, 3-Axis Gimbal

    Blue Microphones Yeti Professional USB Microphone

    Apple MacBook Pro Touch 2019 16in

  • My Tanning Routine | BONDI SANDS LIQUID GOLD

    My Tanning Routine | BONDI SANDS LIQUID GOLD

    Do you love the beautiful sun-kissed look? If yes, you need to watch my video. You do not need to go to the sun-bed or the Caribbean, just pop to your nearest shop.

    My Tips & Tricks

    1. Take a shower and exfoliate to remove dead skin
    – use an exfoliating mitt and your shower gel or scrub

    2. Dry – wait at least 30 minutes to dry properly before applying fake tan

    3. Moisturise dry parts of your body with cream
    – fingers, elbows, knees, feets

    4. Put your hair on the side always DRY them before applying fake tan

    5. Apply fake tan using an application mitt from top to bottom
    – start with the hands
    – ensure you spread fake tan everywhere and evenly

    6. Use any makeup brush to spread the fake tan evenly on the hard-spreading parts

    7. Ask your partner to help you to apply the fake tan on your back or use a back applicator 😂

    8. Apply fake tan on your face using makeup brash – use just a little of the product and spread it evenly

    And that’s it! 😁👍

    The biggest features of Bondi Sands Fake Tan – you do not need to take a shower, it smells amazing, like coconut, and is super moisturizing.
    The only minus I found out – it is a little sticky – I think because it is so much moisturizing.

    The fake tan will be built up during the following hours. Dress and enjoy your day, you should not wear leggings. Just keep in mind the product is a little sticky.

    Let me know in the comments down below your tanning tip & tricks.

  • Girl of Summer of Slovakia 2010

    Girl of Summer of Slovakia 2010

    02/09/2010 I was successful in Slovak Girl of Summer 2012 in check the article for more photos:
    Dievča leta 2010: Máme finalistky… Takto sme ich vylepšili!
    (Girl of Summer 2010: we have the finalists…)

    Photoshoot by Peter Frolo for

    Photoshoot For Girl of Summer Leta 2010
    Photographer: Peter Frolo
    Model: Lucia Turoková Meceňová

  • Photoshoot By Norberto Lorinci

    Photoshoot By Norberto Lorinci

    Photoshoot For Henriett Heger – Runway 

    Photographer: Norberto Lorinci

    Model: Lucia Turoková Meceňová

    Client: Henriett Heger – Runway

  • Photoshoot For IEM Calendar

    Photoshoot For IEM Calendar

    Institute of Esthetic Medicine invited me for photoshopping of their calendar and I became the face of January 2015.
    (Calendar IEM Will Help to the Kids of Orphanage Harmónia)

    Photographer: Stanislava Hricová
    Model: Lucia Turoková Meceňová
    Client: IEM

  • Photoshoot By Lucia Senasiova

    Photoshoot By Lucia Senasiova

    Photographer: Lucia Senášiová

    Model: Lucia Turoková Meceňová

  • TOP London Christmas Lights 2018

    TOP London Christmas Lights 2018

    This is my list of TOP Christmas Lights in London 2018 which you have to see during your London visit. If you want to see all of them enjoy my vlog 🙂

    1. Regent Street Christmas Lights

    Experience the magic of Christmas above the entire length of Regent Street with magnificent glittering spirits. You can enjoy the Regent Street Christmas lights display until 7 January 2019.

    2. Oxford Street Christmas Lights

    The most spectacular Christmas lights in London at the most famous shopping street with unique Christmas shops window displays. This year’s Oxford Street Christmas lights are including new purple baubles. You can enjoy this display until 6 January 2019.

    3. Carnaby Street Christmas Lights

    Carnaby Street is the most famous independent boutique street in the heart of SOHO, London. This year’s Christmas lights are inspired by melody and colors. Find Freddie Mercury’s iconic Bohemian Rhapsody lyrics written in bright neon over Carnaby’s 14 glowing streets. You can enjoy this display until 4 January 2019.

    4. Bond Street Christmas Lights

    London’s most luxurious shopping street is garlanded with spectacular Christmas lights in the run-up to Christmas. You can find here the most famous Victoria’s Secret shop in London and all the luxury brands.

    5. South Molton Street Christmas Lights

    While you are shopping on Oxford Street just look at South Molton Street full of small boutiques and cafés. It is decorated with beautiful blue shiny gates.

    6. Covent Garden Christmas Lights

    Covent Garden is transformed into a winter wonderland over the festive period with a magnificent reindeer statue and a huge Christmas tree. You can enjoy this display until 6 January 2019.



    December 2021

  • Island Paradise Trip | CUBA

    Island Paradise Trip | CUBA

    Cayo Saetia – “Island Paradise” by Catamaran

    The trip by catamaran to Island Cayo Saetia with amazing beach and safari. We bought this trip from Thomas Cook Rep. in our resort Sol Rio de Luna y Mares. It was one of the best trips in Cuba.

    The price was 79 CUC = USD per person.

    Early morning after breakfast we were collected by bus from our resort and on the way to the port we collected more people, it was a full bus at the end. We traveled about 2 hours to the port where we changed to a nice catamaran.
    We can separate this trip into 7 parts:

    1. Sailing by a Catamaran
    2. Snorkeling
    3. Sailing to Cayo Saetia Island
    4. Swimming Stop at Cayo Saetia Island’s Beach
    5. A Lunch in a Cuban Wood Cottage
    6. Jeep Safari
    7. Sailing Back by Catamaran with an Open Bar

    Sailing by a Catamaran

    Sailing by a Catamaran with friendly Captan and Open BAR is included in the price of the trip. We sailed for about 1,5 hours till we arrived at the snorkeling place. It was a nice journey and we so some big ships which were delivering oil to Cuban Electric stations from South America.
    It was a beautiful sunny day and the captain and the tour guide took care of all drinks for everybody, they really did a lot of work because everybody wanted to drink.


    We stopped near corals where the captain and our tour guide gave us all the needed pieces of equipment for snorkeling and we jumped in the bay. It is the biggest bay in the world. The captain showed us all fabulous places with nice corals and we could also see a lot of fish.

    Sailing to Cayo Saetia Island

    After our short snorkeling break, we continued to Cayo Saetia Island. It was just a few more minutes and we arrived at to the small empty, clean, and awesome beach.

    Swimming Stop at Cayo Saetia Island’s Beach

    Swimming on the most beautiful and cleanest beach in Cuba. We had just a few minutes to enjoy and swim because our lunch was ready.

    A Lunch in a Cuban Wood Cottage

    A lunch All-you can eat in a thematic Cuban Wood Cottage. All-you can eat included in the price of a trip with one drink included, there was a great selection of meats, pasta, pizza, and salads.

    Jeep Safari

    Safari was optional we could choose to stay and swim or ride on a horse for 10 CUC for 30 minutes, but the problem was that they had only 2 horses so not many people could use this offer.

    Because we traveled by Thomas Cook UK the safari was not part of our trip because they are using old Russian tracks which Thomas Cook UK considers as dangerous and the travel insurance by TC UK is not valid for this activity. Instead of the Safari, we got 1 liter of Havana Club Anejo 🙂  We had our insurance also for dangerous activity so it was OK for us.

    We pay an extra 9 CUC which is about 10 USD per person for a private JEEP Safari in an old US Jeep. All the people who had it included were put in an old track together. We were lucky and really happy that we get a bottle of Havana and we had our private ride just for 9 CUC.

    We saw a lot of wild animals not only from typical Cuban but also from other tropical countries: antelope, giraffes, wild bulls, jabalies, deers, zebras, and ostriches – which live in complete freedom and helped to make this unforgettable adventure.

    We stop to take photos with the only one Giraffe living in Cuba. Fun, we could touch and also feat it. This giraffe was very friendly and ate food from us, from our heads, and even from our mouths.  We met an ostrich so we stop to have some fun. It was fabulous!

    Giraffe at Cayo Saetia Island

    Ostriche at Cayo Saetia Island

    Sailing Back by Catamaran with an Open Bar

    After we came back from safari we did not have too much time to swim so we just jump for 10 minutes in the water we had to come back on board the catamaran and sail back with an Open Bar and again bus tour de resorts. Taking everything into consideration, this was the 2nd most amazing trip in Cuba after Swimming with Dolphins 😀

  • Swimming with Dolphins | CUBA

    Swimming with Dolphins | CUBA

    Are you planning to swim with Dolphins in Cuba? If yes, you should read this article to find out all about Swimming with dolphins near Sol Rio de Luna y Mares in Delfinario de Bahía de Naranjo, Holguin, Cuba.

    Price of the trip: 122 CUC per person which is equal to $122 USD per person.

    Trip included:

    • 2 x 1-hour private swimming with dolphins evening and morning – 2 couples
    • Dolphin show
    • Sea Lion show
    • Open bar all the time we were in the dolphinarium
    • Lobster dinner
    • Breakfast
    • 1 night in a nice large apartment in a 2-floor house in the middle of the dolphinarium.

    Extra 3 tricks 20 CUC = 20 USD:

    1. Pushing through the pool
    2. Pushing out of water
    3. Ride around the pool

    Those tricks were the most amazing thing in our lives I would never think how strong they are and how fabulous things dolphins can do.

    When we booked our holiday in Cuba the first thing we wanted to do was this experience. We arranged our trips on the second day and we booked them with our Thomas Cook representative in the resort.

    We were sure that we want to swim with dolphins. When we were booking this trip we had the choice of Swimming with dolphins or Dining with Dolphins. There was a difference of just 1 CUC = 1 USD but the trips were completely different! Swimming with dolphins was just a half-day trip which included 1-hour swimming with dolphins together with another 20 people. Dining with dolphins was much better.
    After lunch, there was a bus waiting for us and one more couple from our resort. The bus took us to the nearest port where we changed to the boat and we went to the dolphinarium which was in the middle of the gulf. When we arrived around 20 people were swimming in one pool with 2 dolphins. While waiting for our swimming we were enjoying a pinacolada at the bar- an open bar included in the price of the trip.

    We were accommodated in a nice large house in the middle of the dolphinarium surrounded by pools and dolphins. We chose the top apartment so we had a beautiful view. We met there one guy next to the pool he was making photos and videos for people. I asked him if he can make some photos on our Canon camera and he was happy to help us. All the people left, we stayed there only 2 couples and a few members of staff. It was our time to go swimming with dolphins. I was a little afraid of how they will react to us but from the beginning, they were very friendly. They were 2 dolphin females Sisi and Dana. The first time we did not do any tricks we only swam and played with them. It was an absolutelly great experience.

    The whole dolphinarium was empty there were just 3 members of staff and we – 2 couples. They prepared us a delicious lobster dinner right next to the pool with dolphins. We felt like in the seven heavens, unbelievable!

    Dolphins Show

    After dinner, the barman gave us a bottle of sparkling wine and asked us if we need something because all members of the staff went home by the last boat so we stayed there completely alone. The whole evening we spent walking around the pools and speaking with dolphins, an unforgettable day.

    When we woke up we went again to say hello to all dolphins in every pool. Our table was just next to the pool and we could enjoy a nice breakfast.

    When we finished our swimming the first people started to come.

    In the end, there was a very nice Sea Lion Show and after that, a fabulous dolphin show.

    Sea Lion Show

    We were very said that we must go, but the boat was waiting for us and it took us to the bus.

    This one-day trip was the best trip ever we had and for sure it become our unforgettable memory which made this Cuban holiday magic for us.

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