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Dobsinska Ice Cave | SLOVAKIA

Posted by luciaturok on 28th July 2023

We visited Dobsinska Ice Cave in Slovakia a few weeks ago, in September 2017.  

The prices: Adults 8€ /  Kids: 4€  /  Camera: 10€ 

When we arrived at the nearest car park we paid 3€ for parking. Then we walked about 15 minutes up to the hill till we got in front of the cave. The big pluses were clean and free of charge public toilets and machines for hot drinks. A big minus is that you have to pay 10€ for using your camera or cell phone for pictures or videos. The cave is fabulous we felt like in the ice kingdom fairy tale! It took us about 30 minutes to walk through the whole cave.

More Details About Dobsinska Ice Cave

The cave length is 1232 m and the vertical range is 112 m. The ice-covered area is about 10 000 m2, ice volume has more than 110 000 m3. The floor ice reaches the maximum thickness of 26,5 m. The character of glaciation ranks this cave among the most important ice caves in the world, which, in Europe, is emphasized by its location outside the Alp’s region. It was discovered in 1870, open to the public in 1871 and since 1887 it belongs to the first electrically illuminated caves in Europe and in the world.

Why Is There Ice All Year Around?

The heavier winter air flows from the surface to the chasm space of the cave. It causes the year-round cooling up to freezing to its walls. Leaking precipitation waters freeze and create underground glacier and ice filling. The cave ice began to form more than 250 thousand years ago, approximately. Air temperature in the ice-filled spaces is from -3,8 to +0,5’C. The Dobsinska Ice Cave belongs among the most important ice caves in the world by its ice volume and ice thickness.

To find out more about Dobsinska Ice Cave please visit the official website here:

In the end, we went for a lovely dinner at Utopia Pizza Restaurant in Poprad. We had great mushroom soup and thin tasty pizza with Kofola – a Slovak version of herbal Coca-Cola.

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