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Luminous Lagoon Jamaica | TOP Attraction Jamaica

Posted by luciaturok on 29th July 2023

Are you planning to visit Luminous Lagoon Jamaica? If yes, you need to read this article to find out all you need to know about the brightest luminous lagoon in the World. This is one of the most famous Top Attractions in Jamaica. Watch my vlog to see how bright is the glistering water and to feel the true atmosphere.


  • Swimming in the brightest glistening water in the World
  • Boat trip in Luminous
  • Lagoon
  • Fireshow
  • Take stunning photos
  • TOP Night Attraction in Jamaica

General Information

Luminous Lagoon known as Falmouth Glistering Waters Jamaica or Falmouth Mystic Lagoon Jamaica is a natural wonder and natural phenomenon that only occurs in certain parts of the World. It is located on the North Coast of the Jamaican Montenegro Bay Area. This famous lagoon, surrounded by mangroves, is home to microscopic organisms that emit bio-luminescent light when agitated. The water glows a beautiful blue and becomes illuminated when these organisms are disturbed. Tourists love swimming in the lagoon because it is the most magical natural experience. Once you are in the water and you move the water is glistering around you. Luminous Lagoon in Jamaica is the brightest luminous lagoon in the world. 

This attraction is a night-only boat trip in Falmouth Bay operated by nearby businesses:

Luminous Lagoon Jamaica Opening Hours

Every day at night after sunset – this is only a nighttime attraction. The tour starts from Glistening Waters Restaurant Dock.

Luminous Lagoon Jamaica Entry Fee

Prices of boat tour (transfer from your resort is not included):
Cost per Adult – $25.00
Cost per Child – $12.50 / 15.00 (12 & under)
Accepts Cash & Credit/Debit Cards
You can book your tickets online:

How To Get To Luminous Lagoon Jamaica & Cost

The cheapest way is to take a taxi from your resort and pay an Entry Fee at the entrance to Luminous Lagoon. In case you are sharing a taxi between 4 people this will be the cheapest option for tourists as you can also visit more attractions during the same trip, like The Blue Hole Jamaica, Dolphin Cove, and others. The cost to rent a taxi for a few hours trip starts from $80 USD and the taxi driver is waiting for you and is your “tour guide”. This is like having a private tour. This is probably the best way how to enjoy Jamaica on a budget.

The most expensive way is to book this tour by a tour operator in your resort. Those tours are the least comfortable as you will be collecting other members of your tour from their resorts and you must wait for the whole group at waiting points. The tours usually start from $56 USD per person. I do not recommend this kind of trip.

The Falmouth Mystic Lagoon Tours are offering a transfer from different areas of the island for various prices, you can check the price list here:

You can also book a free transfer from Luminous Lagoon’s official website for a group of 6 and more for dinner, drinks, and a glistening water boat tour. However, the return transfer is not included! You can check this option here:

Top Tips & Tricks For Luminous Lagoon Jamaica

  • Avoid using flash while taking photos – this will damage your photo and you will not capture the glistering blue water.
  • Avoid standing on the bottom of the lagoon – your legs will get dirty from the clay, which is on the bottom of the lagoon.
  • Take a lifejacket – you need to be comfortable to be floating in the water for several minutes.
  • Move as much as you can to maximize the luminous effect and to have great photos.
    Take your own photos and videos, otherwise, you have to pay for them.
  • Sit at the end of the boat – you can watch luminous effects created by the boat, and you can go first into the water = better pictures/videos + more time in the water.

Can You Visit Luminous Lagoon Without Swimming?

Yes, you can. You still need to pay the entry fee – bout the trip. If you don’t want to swim you can stay on the boat and enjoy the luminous lagoon. You can take lovely photos and videos, however, the captain and crew try to force you not to take pictures of swimming people as they want to see them to you at the end of the trip. In case you want to make your own pictures, just take them.

Our Luminous Lagoon Jamaica Experience Cost & Package

We booked our Luminous Lagoon tour as a package with TUI REP in our resort – ClubHotel Riu Ocho Rios. The cost of the trip was USD 56 and it included:

  • Transfer by minibus from & back to our resort
  • Entry fee to Luminous Lagoon
  • Boat Trip
  • Welcome Drink
  • Fire Show

Not included:

  • Photos – extra charge per photo!
  • Lifejacket
  • Food & beverages

Luminous Lagoon Jamaica Review

The trip started by collecting all tourists from many different resorts, which is a little annoying but that’s how a group tour starts. Our minibus was quite small and we collected a litter more tourists as there were seats.

Once we arrived at Falmouth Luminous Lagoon we were waiting for dark at Falmouth Mystic Lagoon Tours Bar, wecould buy food & drinks, use a toilet or rent a lifejacket. I really recommend taking a lifejacket as it makes you float on the water and you can enjoy staying in the water. We did not take them and be honest it is really hard to be moving as much as you can to create the luminous effect and be in the water for several minutes. You can stand on the bottom of the lagoon but it is not comfortable as there is clay – make your legs really dirty.

We were split into several boats and explored the lagoon to find the best dark spot where the luminous effect was the best. You could see a blue luminous light all behind the boat. I recommend sitting at the back of the boat as you can see how the boat is creating a luminous tail in the water and you will be the first one to go in the water – better for photos/videos and you can spend more time there. Once the boat stopped, our captain described to us more about this natural wonder and showed us hoe it works. He was very friendly.

The water was warm, but I heard it can also be cold. Once Dusan went into the water all around him was luminous blue. Made him nice photos and videos even though we were said that only their photographer is allowed to take pictures – you have to pay for each photo extra, I think USD 10.

Swimming in a luminous lagoon is one of the most special moments of my life. I will never forget that blue luminous light all around me. It was like science fiction.

In the end, we were offered a complimentary alcoholic/ nonalcoholic drink in Falmouth Mystic Bar while watching a fire show. We could also purchase the photos from their photographer which he sent straight to your email.

I recommend this attraction and I think it is one of the most special things you can do in Jamaica. The big plus is that this is the only night attraction in Jamaica so you can enjoy your day on the beach or other attractions and do this extra stop. You can save a lot of money if you rent a taxi driver for multiple attractions in the same area and you split the cost of the taxi between more people.

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