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Posted by luciaturok on 16th August 2023

Do you love the beautiful sun-kissed look? If yes, you need to watch my video. You do not need to go to the sun-bed or the Caribbean, just pop to your nearest shop.

My Tips & Tricks

1. Take a shower and exfoliate to remove dead skin
– use an exfoliating mitt and your shower gel or scrub

2. Dry – wait at least 30 minutes to dry properly before applying fake tan

3. Moisturise dry parts of your body with cream
– fingers, elbows, knees, feets

4. Put your hair on the side always DRY them before applying fake tan

5. Apply fake tan using an application mitt from top to bottom
– start with the hands
– ensure you spread fake tan everywhere and evenly

6. Use any makeup brush to spread the fake tan evenly on the hard-spreading parts

7. Ask your partner to help you to apply the fake tan on your back or use a back applicator 😂

8. Apply fake tan on your face using makeup brash – use just a little of the product and spread it evenly

And that’s it! 😁👍

The biggest features of Bondi Sands Fake Tan – you do not need to take a shower, it smells amazing, like coconut, and is super moisturizing.
The only minus I found out – it is a little sticky – I think because it is so much moisturizing.

The fake tan will be built up during the following hours. Dress and enjoy your day, you should not wear leggings. Just keep in mind the product is a little sticky.

Let me know in the comments down below your tanning tip & tricks.

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