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Holguin & Cuba Inside Trip | CUBA

Posted by luciaturok on 1st August 2023

Whole day trip from early morning till 18:00.
Price of the trip: 75 CUC = USD

As with every trip also this started early in the morning and we were collecting all tourists from all resorts at the beginning. On this tour we had a Cuban male tour guide who told us all the basic information about Cuba, basic is that there is not too much money so many people are poor and live a very basic life.
We arrived in a small village called Santa Lucia where we changed from a bus to an old steam train.

Good advice: Do not sit in front of the train! All smoke went into our faces and also all the ash. So all our cloths and also camera were dirty.

However, we had a lovely ride through the countryside. We saw many Cuban people, and also some animals. We could see the real face of Cuba. We stopped in the middle of nothing in some cross in the middle of fields and we again changed to the bus. Then we went into Holguin. Our first stop was at the beginning of the steps to the famous Holguin Cross.

Our trip continued in a cigar factory and we had a chance to find out how the famous Cuban cigar is made. It was really interesting to walk through the factory we could see a lot of the first class tobacco and cigars. The funny thing is that we could not make any photos there or video and also when our tour of the fabric finished we should go shopping in the fabric cigar shop, but we did not because there was another group and our tour guide said we can not wait and cigars we can be also in the cit = no cigar souvenir. We walked around the cathedral square and we got free time to explore the city center streets. It was a nice experience because we got with common Cuban people in their normal lives.

From Holguin, we went to the old fishing town Gibera with architecture of its own. We had lunch with one drink included in the price of the trip in the beautiful Hotel Ordono. From the roof garden bar of this hotel, we could see all around. The city was fabulous. There was a small fort where was a special program waiting for us, excellent Cuban Dance.

And that´s it 🙂 We just ride back to resorts through the Cuban countryside so we could typical Cuban houses, farms and animals.

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