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Tulum Jungle Maya | MEXICO

Posted by luciaturok on 2nd August 2023

Tulum Jungle Maya is one of the most selling trips in Mexico. This trip can be divided into 2 parts: Tulum Jungle adventure and Ruins of Tulum.

The first adventure activity was rappelling into a cave. We had to take a shave before we could do it, the shower was cold and we knew the same will be the water in the cave. It was our first rappelling ever so we were not sure how to do it but it is easy, nothing hard! I must say that it was a great feeling to come down in this beautiful cave.

Swimming in Cave

We were the second couple who rappelled into the cave we had a lot of time for photos and also to swim in the cave. The water was fresh and clear, and on the ceiling of the cave were huge stalactites. It was like a fairytale. We had to wait for all people till they rappeled down into the cave and then we swam throughout the cave. After swimming we went into the other cave were the old shaman prayed to the ones who are not anymore with us.

Jungle Ziplines

Ziplining over the jungle was the most adventurous part of this trip. They made us nice photos and videos of it. At first, we ziplined backward it was awesome! The third zipline ended in the water of the cave.

Swimming in the Underground River

We were snorkeling in the underground river after we took 3 zip lines. The water was fresh (cold) but the adrenaline kept us warm. This part was beautiful. We swam for about 6 minutes so we had a big chance to explore this amazing underground river.

Enjoying Time in Tulum Jungle

After all, we had a classic Mayan lunch. We could choose if we will take a zip line or transfer by car. Some people preferred the car but most of us went for the zip line. In the end, we could buy the photos which they made us. The price is 10 USD for 1 photo or CD for 50 USD or a USB KEY with all photos and videos for 60 USD. We bought a USB for 60 USD because we could not make a video on our GoPro. When I complained to our Thomson REP that we were not allowed to use our camera we got this money back as compensation.

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