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Island Paradise Trip | CUBA

Posted by luciaturok on 4th August 2023

Cayo Saetia - "Island Paradise" by Catamaran

The trip by catamaran to Island Cayo Saetia with amazing beach and safari. We bought this trip from Thomas Cook Rep. in our resort Sol Rio de Luna y Mares. It was one of the best trips in Cuba.

The price was 79 CUC = USD per person.

Early morning after breakfast we were collected by bus from our resort and on the way to the port we collected more people, it was a full bus at the end. We traveled about 2 hours to the port where we changed to a nice catamaran.
We can separate this trip into 7 parts:

  1. Sailing by a Catamaran
  2. Snorkeling
  3. Sailing to Cayo Saetia Island
  4. Swimming Stop at Cayo Saetia Island’s Beach
  5. A Lunch in a Cuban Wood Cottage
  6. Jeep Safari
  7. Sailing Back by Catamaran with an Open Bar

Sailing by a Catamaran

Sailing by a Catamaran with friendly Captan and Open BAR is included in the price of the trip. We sailed for about 1,5 hours till we arrived at the snorkeling place. It was a nice journey and we so some big ships which were delivering oil to Cuban Electric stations from South America.
It was a beautiful sunny day and the captain and the tour guide took care of all drinks for everybody, they really did a lot of work because everybody wanted to drink.


We stopped near corals where the captain and our tour guide gave us all the needed pieces of equipment for snorkeling and we jumped in the bay. It is the biggest bay in the world. The captain showed us all fabulous places with nice corals and we could also see a lot of fish.

Sailing to Cayo Saetia Island

After our short snorkeling break, we continued to Cayo Saetia Island. It was just a few more minutes and we arrived at to the small empty, clean, and awesome beach.

Swimming Stop at Cayo Saetia Island's Beach

Swimming on the most beautiful and cleanest beach in Cuba. We had just a few minutes to enjoy and swim because our lunch was ready.

A Lunch in a Cuban Wood Cottage

A lunch All-you can eat in a thematic Cuban Wood Cottage. All-you can eat included in the price of a trip with one drink included, there was a great selection of meats, pasta, pizza, and salads.

Jeep Safari

Safari was optional we could choose to stay and swim or ride on a horse for 10 CUC for 30 minutes, but the problem was that they had only 2 horses so not many people could use this offer.

Because we traveled by Thomas Cook UK the safari was not part of our trip because they are using old Russian tracks which Thomas Cook UK considers as dangerous and the travel insurance by TC UK is not valid for this activity. Instead of the Safari, we got 1 liter of Havana Club Anejo 🙂  We had our insurance also for dangerous activity so it was OK for us.

We pay an extra 9 CUC which is about 10 USD per person for a private JEEP Safari in an old US Jeep. All the people who had it included were put in an old track together. We were lucky and really happy that we get a bottle of Havana and we had our private ride just for 9 CUC.

We saw a lot of wild animals not only from typical Cuban but also from other tropical countries: antelope, giraffes, wild bulls, jabalies, deers, zebras, and ostriches – which live in complete freedom and helped to make this unforgettable adventure.

We stop to take photos with the only one Giraffe living in Cuba. Fun, we could touch and also feat it. This giraffe was very friendly and ate food from us, from our heads, and even from our mouths.  We met an ostrich so we stop to have some fun. It was fabulous!

Giraffe at Cayo Saetia Island

Ostriche at Cayo Saetia Island

Sailing Back by Catamaran with an Open Bar

After we came back from safari we did not have too much time to swim so we just jump for 10 minutes in the water we had to come back on board the catamaran and sail back with an Open Bar and again bus tour de resorts. Taking everything into consideration, this was the 2nd most amazing trip in Cuba after Swimming with Dolphins 😀

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