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Swimming with Dolphins | CUBA

Posted by luciaturok on 4th August 2023

Are you planning to swim with Dolphins in Cuba? If yes, you should read this article to find out all about Swimming with dolphins near Sol Rio de Luna y Mares in Delfinario de Bahía de Naranjo, Holguin, Cuba.

Price of the trip: 122 CUC per person which is equal to $122 USD per person.

Trip included:

  • 2 x 1-hour private swimming with dolphins evening and morning – 2 couples
  • Dolphin show
  • Sea Lion show
  • Open bar all the time we were in the dolphinarium
  • Lobster dinner
  • Breakfast
  • 1 night in a nice large apartment in a 2-floor house in the middle of the dolphinarium.

Extra 3 tricks 20 CUC = 20 USD:

  1. Pushing through the pool
  2. Pushing out of water
  3. Ride around the pool

Those tricks were the most amazing thing in our lives I would never think how strong they are and how fabulous things dolphins can do.

When we booked our holiday in Cuba the first thing we wanted to do was this experience. We arranged our trips on the second day and we booked them with our Thomas Cook representative in the resort.

We were sure that we want to swim with dolphins. When we were booking this trip we had the choice of Swimming with dolphins or Dining with Dolphins. There was a difference of just 1 CUC = 1 USD but the trips were completely different! Swimming with dolphins was just a half-day trip which included 1-hour swimming with dolphins together with another 20 people. Dining with dolphins was much better.
After lunch, there was a bus waiting for us and one more couple from our resort. The bus took us to the nearest port where we changed to the boat and we went to the dolphinarium which was in the middle of the gulf. When we arrived around 20 people were swimming in one pool with 2 dolphins. While waiting for our swimming we were enjoying a pinacolada at the bar- an open bar included in the price of the trip.

We were accommodated in a nice large house in the middle of the dolphinarium surrounded by pools and dolphins. We chose the top apartment so we had a beautiful view. We met there one guy next to the pool he was making photos and videos for people. I asked him if he can make some photos on our Canon camera and he was happy to help us. All the people left, we stayed there only 2 couples and a few members of staff. It was our time to go swimming with dolphins. I was a little afraid of how they will react to us but from the beginning, they were very friendly. They were 2 dolphin females Sisi and Dana. The first time we did not do any tricks we only swam and played with them. It was an absolutelly great experience.

The whole dolphinarium was empty there were just 3 members of staff and we – 2 couples. They prepared us a delicious lobster dinner right next to the pool with dolphins. We felt like in the seven heavens, unbelievable!

Dolphins Show

After dinner, the barman gave us a bottle of sparkling wine and asked us if we need something because all members of the staff went home by the last boat so we stayed there completely alone. The whole evening we spent walking around the pools and speaking with dolphins, an unforgettable day.

When we woke up we went again to say hello to all dolphins in every pool. Our table was just next to the pool and we could enjoy a nice breakfast.

When we finished our swimming the first people started to come.

In the end, there was a very nice Sea Lion Show and after that, a fabulous dolphin show.

Sea Lion Show

We were very said that we must go, but the boat was waiting for us and it took us to the bus.

This one-day trip was the best trip ever we had and for sure it become our unforgettable memory which made this Cuban holiday magic for us.

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