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The Best Desert Safari Dubai

Posted by luciaturok on 29th July 2023

It was my dream to ride a camel in the desert. We book a Red Dunes Safari in Dubai trip with our concierge in our hotel – Gevora Hotel. You can buy this trip from many websites or from a concierge in your hotel. Explore Dubai Red Dune Desert with me and check my vlog.

Which Trip To Choose?

There is a huge range of different trips you can choose from. You can find really cheap trips from £30 per person. Those are group trips and you are sharing a jeep with other tourists. The biggest difference is the price, usually, the more you pay more comfortable or private experience you will get. Platinum Heritage is a premium provider of red dune safari trips starting the price for scheduled cars from almost 500 USD per person or from 1600 USD for a private car. Check out their website here as they offer the most luxurious royal platinum packages even with an overnight stay in the desert with a hot air balloon flight. We did not want to spend so much money so we decided on a cheaper option offered by our hotel. We paid only £100 for both of us and our concierge upgraded us with VIP camp as part of the trip.

Quad Bike Dune Bashing

Our driver picked up us from our hotel and after 20 minutes we stopped at a small camp to wait for the rest of the drivers with their tourists. We were offered to go for quad bikes which were extra, not included in our tour. The single quad bike was 150 AED and a stronger quad bike for 2 was 250 AED (for 30 minutes). We show that we were not interested and in the end, we paid 150 AED for the stronger bike for both of us. This was really fun! Quad Bike Dubai is one of the best things you can do in the red dune desert.

4x4 Jeep Red Dune Bashing

Do you love rollercoasters? So do I. Our driver was a master of dune bashing. We went in a 4×4 jeep.  All around was going up and down but honestly, it was a great feeling. This was the most adrenalin part of our Dubai adventure. There are some companies like Platinum Heritage that offer the old American jeep rides. Our tour was more basic and it included the basic Toyota Jeep.

Sunset in Desert

The main selling point of each trip is to enjoy an unforgettable sunset in the desert while taking gorgeous photos. “Photo time!” Some of the trips also include Snowboard in the desert but when we were choosing our trip this was the activity we wanted to do, so we were very happy our trip did not include such an activity.

VIP Camp in Desert

As I mentioned our concierge upgraded us with VIP camp as part of the trip. This meant that our camp was much smaller with fewer people and most of the food was prepared fresh. The basic camps are usually overcrowded and the food is served as a buffet. This camp had the biggest advantage that we did not have to wait for anything and even we could go for a camel ride more times and really enjoyed it.

There was an opportunity to try the traditional Arabic dress, make a photo with a falcon and smoke a shisha. The free apple shisha was served in the shisha corner and if you would like to enjoy your shisha next to your table you have to pay 60 AED. The alcoholic drinks were also extra. The show was based on Belly dance, Fire show, and Arabic dance.

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