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Ski Dubai Premium Tour | Snow Park in The Desert

Posted by luciaturok on 28th July 2023

Can you imagine, in your shopping center is a huge snow park like in Switzerland? If not, go to Dubai! I was so surprised, it is so huge and there is really everything. Ski Dubai is the greatest and craziest attraction in Dubai. We were not skiing for about 11 years and once we came to Dubai Shopping Mall of Emirates and we saw this gorgeous  ski center with a crazy snow park we knew “This is the thing we have to do!”

Ticket PRICES & Extra COST

There are many options, you can go for starting from 200 AED (almost £40) per person but we decided to go for the PREMIUM tickets for 500  AED (almost £120) per person which included:

  • 40 minutes Penguin counter (no camera allowed = 1 x photo 150 AED or 600 AED for USB key with all photos, 2 photo snowballs,  5 printed photos)
  • Unlimited skiing 
  • Unlimited all attractions
  • 1 x pair of waterproof gloves (other packages only flies gloves) 
  • 1 x hot chocolate
  • North Restaurant – 1 x meal with 1 x drink included
  • 1 x printed photo with a leather book (more photos = 1 x photo 150 AED or 600 AED for USB key with all photos, 2 photo snowballs, 5 printed photos)

Penguins Counter

We book our slot at 12:00 PM. The first thing you are asked is to leave your camera in your locker – you are not allowed to take a photo or video.

At first, we went to a small room with TVs and the trainer showed us short videos about penguins. After we went to the first counter where we took a photoshoot with the first Gentoo penguin Lolly Pop. We could not touch him. Then we went to the second counter where we met King Penguin Wally. We could touch him, his feather was so soft like the softest teddy bear. In the end, we bought our photos which were not included in the price. We paid 600 AED for USB with all photos, 2 snow photo balls, and printed 5 photos. There were also options to buy 1 photo for 150 AED or a mega package for 1200 AED including a lot of small personalized souvenirs. I must say it is really expensive and also the only negative I am surprised you can not buy a video – a great IDEA for Ski Dubai is how to make even more money (I paid for a video 100 USD  in Cuba – Swimming with Dolphins and I have never regretted it.  

Skiing in the Snow Park in the Desert

Skiing was the best, of course after the Penguins! 😀 There is ideal weather with a temperature of about -5*C. Ski accessories are part of every package. The premium package is all-day skiing all the other packages are just for 2 hours or if you do not know how to ski, you will get a 1-hour ski lesson with a professional ski instructor.

Ski Dubai Attractions

My favorite attraction was the Snow Bullet. It is a double lines zip line over half of the whole Snow Park. Don’t forget to get out at the middle chair lift station! We forgot and we had to go all the way up and down. The greatest thing is that you can go next to each other as there are 2 lines. 

Here is the list of all Ski Dubai Attractions:

Visit the official SKI DUBAI web site to find out more and to book your tickets:

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